At MetaVision Media, we are not simply in the media planning and buying business, we are in the consumer creation business.

Consumer creation means grounding and discovering the possibilities in connecting consumers with one another and the brands they love where others might just see big data. Here there is no "universal profile of a Millennial" or a "singular view of Suburban Moms." That would be too easy. Instead, we see consumers as real-life, values customers of a collective, diverse, global brand community. By harnessing new waves of technology, innovation and sight, we connect consumers, create relevant brand culture and bring to market ideas that proven to deliver.

At MetaVision Media, we think beyond the paradigm of today.

AJ Storinge, CEO


AJ Storinge
CEO, MetaVision Media

Nichole Diorio, Operations Director


Nichole Diorio
Operations Director, NYC & LA