Thinking Beyond
The Paradigm of today

Metrics. Paradigms. Segmentation. Algorithms.  

The marketing world is rich in jargon. We have a thousand ways to talk about what we do and how we do it. But sometimes, we get so caught up in the business of what we do that we forget about the people at the heart of that business.  At MetaVision Media, we are not simply in the media planning and buying business. We are in the consumer creation business. Where others see big data, we see endless opportunities to connect people with the brands they love. Instead of “millennials” or “suburban moms,” we see real people, ready to connect with products that meet their individual needs.

 Our vision is simple. 

By marrying new technological capabilities with a deep understanding of human nature, we deliver customer experiences that are personalized, relevant and timely.

our work

We are not simply in the media planning and buying business. Where others see big data, we see opportunities to strengthen our clients by connecting consumers with one another and the brands they love.

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Extraordinary lunch breaks

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Invigorate traditional media planning and buying by establishing a new consumer creation business model

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